We are Decoded.

Whether it's for a hard day's work or in search of the ultimate freedom, we're travelling all the time. We believe diving into the unknown and going to great lengths for it is a great recipe for creativity and self-enrichment.

When you return home everything appears to be quiet the same, but in your mind something has changed. Something that changes everything. This constant source of change is a great inspiration for us. Globetrotting around the world or commuting your way through the urban jungle, moving inspires.

We love Travelling.

At Decoded we want your travels to feel as good as they possibly can, that’s why we create products to keep your travelling essentials close and protected during your journey to any destination. Everyday we challenge ourselves to design the best lifestyle accessories to carry your possessions and modern-day tools. With great attention and eye for detail, we strive to create a striking balance between style and function.

We travel the globe searching for exclusive and superior materials, constantly exploring new ways to improve our line of products. Our products are proudly designed in The Netherlands and influenced by cultures, traditions and developments from around the world.

Modern craftmanship.

We've been using leather for the use of device storage and protection since 2009. It has always been a logical material to use for us, leather has been used to protect man's most precious tools for centuries. Then and now tremendous knowledge has been gathered regarding the material, all this knowledge is applied in the development of our future proof products.

Modern craftmanship.

Our first step is looking around us, we research traditional craftmanship from cultures around the world and select the essential materials. The used techniques and materials are the 'decoded' and designed into products that are ready for the future, providing modern-day people with an accessory that combines great style and functionality.

Decoded. Designed to Distinguish.